• Domestic Flushing & Transfer

Domestic Flushing & Transfer

RVG offers both in-house and on farm embryo transfer services.  Our donor facility can house around 100 donors. 

Donor Health Requirements
  • Must have a negative test for Persistent BVD one time in their life.
  • Calves with cows must be PI tested prior to entry.
  • Cows must be vaccinated against IBR, BVD, Vibriosis, and Leptospirosis.  Please call with specific recommendations regarding types and timing of vaccines.
  • Highly recommend that cows entering the facility are dewormed 2 weeks prior to entry.
  • Cow must be poured for lice 2-3 weeks prior to entry.

On Farm Flushing and Transfer
  • Donors can be collected on farm for fresh transfer to synchronized recipients.  A clean dust free environment with access to electricity and water is needed for a mobile lab setup.  Please feel free to call and discuss your on farm needs.
  • We have breeding barns and chutes available for your on farm flushing or transfer needs.

We can store your frozen embryos.  Our tanks are checked and nitrogen levels recorded weekly.  Our tanks are stored in a secure location.


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