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RVG is an approved facility for cryopreservation and shipping of bovine embryos to most countries around the globe including the European Union. 

Donor Requirements
  • Each importing country has its own unique set of requirements and each must be researched thoroughly before flushing a cow for export.
  • Keep in mind some countries have specific testing requirements that must be met before, during, and after flushing is completed.

Donor Health Requirements (RVG)
  • Must have a negative test for Persistent BVD one time in their life.
  • Calves with cows must be PI tested prior to entry.
  • Cows must be vaccinated against IBR, BVD, Vibriosis, and Leptospirosis.  Please call with specific recommendations regarding types and timing of vaccines.
  • Highly recommend that cows entering the facility are dewormed 2 weeks prior to entry.
  • Cow must be poured for lice 2-3 weeks prior to entry.
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International Flushing & Shipping

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