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Herd Health Consultation
At RVAC we believe in creating customized herd health plans that fit with each herd's production and economic goals.  Our programs focus on preventative medicine and include plans for biosecurity, vaccination, strategic deworming, and other procedures throughout the year.

Herd Data Services
It is impossible to know where we are going if we cannot measure where we have been.  Here at RVAC we utilize computers and scale heads, which allow us to take accurate weight measurements and record any other data that is useful in evaluating the production factors that affect the profitability of our herds.

Artificial Insemination - Double Breeding Barn Available
RVAC is proud to be partnered with Genex Inc. to provide the surrounding area with quality genetics that produce reliable, sound cows that stay in the herd for many years, as well as calves that gain efficiently in the feedlot and meet any marketing sy-

Featured Large Animal Service

Freeze Branding

stem.  We provide programs for synchronization as well as experienced personnel to perform the AI procedure.  Finally, we have a mobile double breeding barn that allows us safe and gentle handling of your cattle at the time of AI.  The breeding barn is also available for rent to our Genex customers.

Pregnancy Exam - Rectal Palpation and Ultrasound
We offer both traditional pregnancy exam by rectal palpation as well as early pregnancy diagnosis by ultrasound.  Using ultrasound we can diagnose pregnancies as early as 28 days as well as diagnose fetal sex from 55-90 days of gestation.  We can also readily diagnose an AI versus bull bred animal if ultrasound is done prior to 90 days of gestation.

Heifer Pelvic Measure and Reproductive Tract Scoring
We recommend that all replacement heifers have their pelvis evaluated for size and malformations prior to breeding.  At the same time we perform a palpation of the reproductive tract to determine if the heifer is currently or has the potential to cycle normally and become pregnant.

Bull Breeding Soundness Exams and Trich Testing
Did you know that you can increase the number of cows calving earlier in your calving period simply by screening your bulls with a BSE exam yearly prior to turnout?  Studies indicate that you can get 11% more cows to conceive earlier in the breeding period if your bulls are tested.  In this area many of our small pastures only have one bull.  Don't be the person who finds out they have an entire pasture of open or late cows.  We see this at least once every year when someone forgets to check their bulls.

Hoof Care - Hydraulic Tilt Chute Available at Alma
We have a hydraulic tilt chute at our Alma, NE location.  This chute allows us the opportunity to diagnose and treat foot disorders and disease while keeping the animal calm and comfortable.  We have equipment that allows us to trim hooves back to the correct shape allowing the animal to return to normal function.

Feedlot Services - Consultation and Processing
We provide area feedlots with consultations, source and age verification, processing teams, as well as a diverse line of vaccines and dewormers.  Our programs are tailored to meet the needs of the individual feedlot and the goals they establish.

BQA Training
We have several doctors that are BQA certified trainers. Please call us if you need assistance educating your employees about this program at 1-855-855-RVAC (7822).


Equine Dental Examinations and Power Dentistry
We recommend annual dental exams on all horses, no matter what age or breed. Dental issues usually start out as small problems that are not noticeable by the owners. By the time owners notice a problem such as dropping weight, or losing feed while eating, the issues inside the mouth are much more difficult to repair. Prevention of dental abnormalities by annual dental examination will keep your horse healthy for many years to come.

Other Equine Services
Equine preventive care: Annual wellness examinations with a prophylactic vaccination and deworming plan
  • Internal medicine
  • Surgery - including castrations and laceration repairs
  • Emergency services
  • Digital radiography
This method of branding with extremely cold irons is characterized by white hair replacing the natural hair coat in the branded area of cattle. Since its development, freeze branding has been used successfully when applied with the proper technique. Freeze branding destroys the natural pigments in hair thus producing the growth of white hair. This relatively painless method of branding reduces hide damage and can be used to completely remove the hair if the irons are held on the animal long enough. If you are interested in freeze branding give us a call today to make your appointment.


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